Cousens School of Holistic Wellness (CSHW) offers access to the freshest, most cutting edge material, resources, videos and education in the world of health, nutrition, conscious living and spirituality. Cousens School of Holistic Wellness, founded by Dr. Cousens, recognizes the serious need to help awaken people from the unconscious slumber and to embrace their spiritual birthright in the Culture of Life and Liberation.

Illuminating the physical, mental, spiritual and global aspects of health and nutrition, CSHW features several programs.

These programs provide life-enriching tools and information that, with application, can be used to transform lives, bringing peace to the world. Whether on-site or through our distance learning education, our programs are designed to ignite true awakening of consciousness and realization of one’s divinely sacred purpose.

It is time to bring people into the Holistic Culture of Life and Liberation. Civilization is living within a startling high level of unconsciousness and chaos, which manifests as spiritual confusion, nutritional ignorance, ethical anesthesia, and apathy. This culture of death lifestyle is leading to alarming levels of illness, including worldwide epidemic levels of diabetes, childhood obesity, autism, and almost all forms of chronic disease. As such, there is a growing need for individuals trained and rooted in the Holistic Culture of Life and Liberation to lead the way to an empowering and healthy existence.

Embrace the practice of receiving in order to share. Bring this priceless knowledge into your life, the lives of your families and your communities. Through education, compassion and committed action, we become ambassadors of consciousness and peace to the world. This is what we offer to you through Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness…the opportunity to explore these rich and abundant possibilities together. We look forward to seeing you!