Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness (CSHW) upholds the following standards throughout the student-academic experience.

  • CSHW supports a non-traditional highly progressive holistic wellness education.
  • CSHW goes beyond what is available in a traditional university accredited institution.
  • CSHW is a non-accredited school by choice, allowing the students to receive a holistic education that is not limited to certain educational agencies or governmental restrictions.
  • CSHW’s education is unique in that it consists of distance learning as well as hands-on residency training.
  • CSHW provides the most updated scientific and empirical information, taught by a world renowned holistic physician and diabetes healer in the world, Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
  • CSHW provides a comprehensive holistic approach to individual and relationship psychodynamics and mental health.
  • Upon completion of our program, our graduates may legally implement the materials into their own counseling practice.

Your Degree From CSHW

The masters degree programs of Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness are recognized and given merit from the University of Integrated Science of California (UISCA). All graduates of CSHW are certified through CSHW, but the actual degree may be acquired upon request at completion of the program. If a student wishes to obtain the actual degree, an additional fee is required from UISCA in order to process the transcripts and mail the diploma. The degree holds a Masters of Arts in Vegan and Live Food Nutrition, Masters of Arts in Sustainable and Veganic Gardening, or Masters of Arts in Blue Green Architecture.