Continuing Education

Cousens’ School Of Holistic Wellness is proud to offer Continuing Education Credits for the courses listed below.


*Please note that these CSHW courses are administered by the Tree of Life Center US. The links below will take you to the Tree of Life website where you can find dates, rates, and complete the sign up process.

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Conscious Eating

Internationally acclaimed as one of the most holistic, comprehensive live food training programs available, the Conscious Eating course offers an amazingly thorough exploration of the intricacies of a plant-based lifestyle. It illuminates the powerful role that live food has in the enhancement of all levels of being.


Expanding Culinary Joy

Expanding Culinary Joy is the second course of the Conscious Eating Instructional Series. Taken after completion of the Conscious Eating course, it expands upon the basics of rainbow green live food cuisine preparation with guided hands-on training. The art of live food preparation is fine-tuned in this fun, interactive workshop.


Spiritual Fast

Almost every spiritual tradition reveres fasting as a powerful gateway to the Divine. Spiritual Fasting creates an opening for cleansing and healing on all levels. The Spiritual Fasting Retreat is a truly profound experience that rejuvenates the body and provides support for deep spiritual revitalization. The yoga, meditations, spiritual discussions and Q&A’s with Dr. Cousens all serve to take the fast to far deeper levels than most cleanses and retreats, which often focus primarily on the physical elements of healing.


Masters Intensive

This on-site month long Masters Intensive is a time when students have the opportunity to experience the essence of the Spiritual Nutrition Programs through the deep and transformational inner awakening offered by this one-of-a-kind training course.