John Phillips, MS

Sustainable Veganic Gardening

Veganic Gardening - John Phillips MS

John’s professional experiences reflect his lifelong goals of helping to create world peace by helping to end world hunger; and his interest in fostering human evolution through the link between scientific and spiritual development. He teaches “Gardening for Peace” – aimed at changing human consciousness to make us aware of our connections with spirit and each other. This teaching has both practical applications to increase the world food supply, and the consciousness-raising potential to help lead us to a state of “Awakened Being”.

John is CEO of the Living Earth Training Center, Inc, where he develops training programs and internships in sustainable organic agriculture. He has served as CEO of EM Nature Farming Methods and helped foster the expansion of em technologies in the United States and other countries in the Americas. His contributions to the Tree of Life include conducting training programs and seminars, developing intern training programs in gardening and landscaping, and land management planning and design of the 160 acre campus and a supporting 10-acre satelitte facility.

Marcela Benson

Marcela Benson, MA

Marcela Tobal Benson, MA, is the founder of Holistic Nutrition Studio based in Miami Beach, Florida. She is a Graduate of Cousens’ School Of Holistic Wellness and an ordained Essene Priestess. She is a Conscious Eating-culinary nutrition teacher at Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness.

In addition Marcela is a certified Spiritual Nutrition Counselor, QRA practitioner and Tachyon Holistic Wellness practitioner specializing in diabetes & spiritual fasting, with a background in Ayurveda & Chinese tonic herbalism. Clients and students praise her passion, devotion & encyclopedic knowledge, as well as her willingness to teach from her own life experiences.

Marcela has been instrumental in carrying the Conscious Eating movement in addition to educating teachers to be, licensed professionals and a broad international audience — inspiring nutrition revolutions from Arizona to Argentina, and beyond.

For Marcela, eating well is an act of love — for your body, for the planet and for all living beings. She has contributed with her recipes in best selling books “Nutricion Inteligente” and in the second edition of “There is a Cure for Diabetes” By Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD. Her up coming book, Love, Peace & Vegetables, outlines a new approach to health & nutrition, where love is at the center of every plate.

I am honored to be teaching at the conscious eating Mastery with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, Shanti Golds-Cousens, MA, amazing staff and other wonderful teachers.
See you in Class!


Shanti Golds-Cousens

ShantiShanti Golds-Cousens, MA, Senior Teacher of Kali Ray TriYoga®, a Kundalini-inspired flowing form of hatha yoga with over 16 years of direct study and 26 years of teaching TriYoga®.
Senior Essene Priestess, ordained in the Dead Sea, Shanti dedicates her life to love, service and devotion. She shares a Trinity of Wisdom—Kali Ray Tri Yoga®, Aromatherapy and Raw Foods. Shanti GoldsCousens studied and worked under Elizabeth Van Buren, Director of the College of Botanical Healing Arts in California where she completed extensive studies of botany, chemistry, blending therapeutic oils, and the individualized healing approach.Shanti’s depth of experience in spiritual and healing arts, along with her compassionate presence, inspires and illuminates the lives of all those she serves. Shanti’s specializations are reflected in her honored thesis, “The Art and Science of Aromatherapy, as it Relates to Live Foods”, which earned her an MA in Vegan and Live Food Nutrition from UISCA. She continues to share this time-honored healing art as an aromatherapist. Shanti contributes to individualized private sessions and TriYoga® workshops, spiritual fasting leadership, and aromatherapy lectures in the educational process for the Culture of Life Institute. When Shanti was thirteen years old in her native New Zealand, she was introduced to the practice of yoga and immediately knew that she would become a yogini, and has made it a life-long study. At age twenty-four she met Kali Ray, with whom she would spend the next 16 years living, learning, training, meditating and teaching. During this time, Shanti served as a devoted, yogini in the Kali Ray Tri Yoga ashram (spiritual center), cultivating her awareness of the Devi energy.

In 1984, Shanti was introduced to the vegan living foods diet from Kaliji. She found the harmony between the practice of TriYoga® and a vegan, live-food diet. Shanti’s live-food mentor and spiritual teacher, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD became her husband thirteen years later.  Shanti and Gabriel’s partnership embodies the Divine Flow inherent in the “Conscious Living” lifestyle. They inspire those around them to manifest sacred partnership, holistic living and Divine Union.

Shalvah Ziv-El

ShalvahShalvah Ziv-El, founder of Dancing Inward™, is an ordained Essene priestess, spiritual life consultant and teacher who offers guidance, inspiration, education, and support to an international client base of over 100 countries worldwide. She helps people reignite their passion for God so they can experience a more meaningful life.

Shalvah leads meditation programs, sacred dance workshops, holds spiritual Q&A group sessions, and offers private spiritual life consultation sessions for clients. She is an enthusiastic lifelong student personally trained under the enlightened guidance of Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

Shalvah takes ancient wisdom from the great spiritual traditions and translates it into grounded practical guidance that is invaluable for our modern lifestyle. Her depth and understanding is rare and understated, providing unparalleled lifestyle support and spiritual guidance. She lives her life in service to Spirit through uplifting others. Learn more about Shalvah and her work at www.shalvah.com.

Mike Chaet

MikeChaetMike Chaet has worked at all levels in the Health club industry for almost 45 years including being an owner and as a consultant. In 1975 he founded and ran Club Marketing and Management Services, CMS Inc., the worlds largest health club consulting firm operating in 60 countries. His primary degree studies were at Northeastern University, in Boston and University of Southern California in Los Angeles where he earned degrees in physiology and business. He spent much of his time lecturing in over 6- countries and has won numerous international awards for service to the Health club industry. He has authored more than 30 books, including the book Loops: the seven keys to small business success published by McGraw Hill

Mike is an adjunct professor at Carroll College in Helena Montana,

Mike spent many years studying with Dr. Bernard Jensen and co-developed a holistic health program with Dr. Jensen entitles Nature’s Plan. He is a graduated of the Spiritual Nutrition Masters Program As his masters thesis he has authored the book Whole Health Warrior and related workbooks for students and participants. He currently owns and operates Tree of Life – Montana Learning Center and is the dean of Cousens School of Holistic Wellness

Mike is married with four children, two dogs and a talkative parrot, and lives in Bozeman, Montana and Phoenix Arizona.


Cyndi Dodick

Cyndi DCyndi has been a vegetarian for 19 years, a raw food enthusiast for 10 years and a vegan for 5. She is a Licensed, Registered Occupational Therapist and a Nutritional Consultant with a Masters Degree in Education and a second Masters Degree in Vegan, Live Food Nutrition.

Cyndi is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who uses applied kinesiology (QRA), and bioenergtic communication technology including ZYTO and NES (Nutri-Energetic Systems) therapy to gain an understanding of how a client’s physical body is interacting with their energy field so that the best course of action for improving health and wellness can be chosen. She uses a microscope in her practice along with Flow Systems Auditing to measure biological individuality and establish homeostasis so that the body can then heal on it’s own. Using these approaches, Cyndi addresses the body’s physical need for nutrition and its ability, in cooperation with the energetic body, to assimilate nutrients that support healing.

As a Certified Level II Gourmet Raw/Living Foods Chef and Instructor, Cyndi teaches classes in Food Preparation, Fasting and Detoxification, Nutrition and methods of choosing and sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle.

She has seen the power of green and how nutrition can heal, liven and strengthen anyone.

“Choosing to be Vegan bestows great advantages on the individual, the community, the environment and the planet. What we eat deeply affects our body-mind. It also affects every aspect of this planet. Adopting a plant based diet has the power to change individuals and the world.”


Maribel comes from a Mexican family whom valued health and healthy food, her grandmother was a knowledgeable herbalist and this was passed on to her at a young age, as well as lots of healthy tips and secrets from her mom.

Maribel is a Biochemical Engineer in Food Processes (ITESM-Campus Queretaro, Mexico), has a Masters in Sea Food Processing and worked for many years for the Food Industry, especially for the sardine and tuna industry in Mexico.  Worked as a full time professor for ITESM-Campus Guaymas for the Food Science Department for 3 years. She was always interested in Nutrition and her scientific background was perfect for her to dive in thoroughly into this field. She began teaching Nutrition Workshops in 1984 to the general public, later to the school of nurses for the Red Cross in Ensenada, Mexico. And from then on she lectured and created programs for different schools and organizations. She graduated from the Raw Food Nutrition Program in the Tree of Life in 2005 and she serves as a counselor for two modules of the Master´s Program. She is also an Essene Priestess.

In 2010 she co-authored the book “Tu Zona”  with her sister, the book is about Nutrition and Consciousness and the only one of its kind in the spanish speaking world.

She currently Works as a Nutrition Consultant in San Diego, California and lectures and teaches workshops on various subject related to nutrition and food, she also guides detoxification programs and raw food cuisine classes. She created a product called “Brain Power” in 2010 that is a Green drink made of seaweed, algae, enzymes, probiotics, adaptogenic herbs that is true and authentic food for the body, it is 100% organic, 100% raw, 100% gmo free. Her webpage is www.mygreenlady.com and constantly feeds a blog about nutrition and wellness in spanish and english. She uses zyto technology for her consultations and has a virtual clinic to be able to consult remotely. Is a certified yoga instructor and a quantum reflex analysis  practitioner. She has to 2 kids, loves being around children, the beach, nature and is a born teacher. Currently she is creating lectures on cancer for breast cancer survivors, and a program for Young adults, pre and teenagers to bring into their awareness the power of health and guide them into unraveling their gifts and talents through a healthy lifestyle.