Spiritual Nutrition Mastery Program

How long is the program?

The program is set up so that students can complete their studies in two years. A student can take one extra year if needed with no additional fees.

Can the program be taken only long-distance?

While the majority of the studies are done in distance learning through our on-line education platform, all students are required to attend specific educational on-campus residency trainings.

27-Day Masters Intensive

Modern Essene Gathering/Advanced.

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Can one take only the on-campus workshops?

All Residency Trainings can be taken individually without being enrolled in the masters program. Attendance to these workshops will apply toward the Spiritual Nutrition Masters Program if you later decide to apply.

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Is this program accredited?

Our programs are not institutionally accredited. We are accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (where one can apply for certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Educational credits in the Spiritual Nutrition Mastery Program are recognized by the University Of Integrated Science Of California, where students with a previously earned bachelor’s can receive a Masters of Arts (from UISCA) in Vegan & Live-Food Nutrition.

Are any scholarships or financial aid awarded?

No. Because we are a private institution, we do not receive any government funding.

Can I take the nutritional studies without the Essene studies?

No. The Spiritual Nutrition Program is complete with both the nutritional component as well as the spiritual component. The Modern Essene Minister Certification, in addition to certification as a Spiritual Nutritional Counselor, gives students legal rights to offer spiritual and nutritional counseling.

Why do I need to become a Modern Essene minister?

The Essene studies are a key component in the Spiritual Nutrition Masters Program, as it links the education with the mind, body, and spirit. Without these teachings, the nutritional component is incomplete. By being a certified Modern Essene minister, the graduate is legally eligible to provide spiritual counseling in addition to the nutritional counseling.

Modern Essene Priesthood Program

Who are the Essenes?

The Essenes were prophetic, shamanic, mystical, spiritual warriors of the desert. The Torah and the Kabbalistic teachings that evolved from the Torah intimately guided their lives. One of the most famous Essenes was the liberated being, Jesus. The Modern Essenes are a seed for the potential fulfillment of the prophecy that the B’nai Israel (Jewish) and B’nai Noach (non-Jewish) will work as the pious ones of all traditions to help usher in the Messianic times.

Other than upholding a living & raw food vegan lifestyle, regular spiritual practices and peaceful ways of being and living what other requirements are there?

The essence of the Essene teachings is receive in order to share. As an Essene Priesthood student you are asked to embrace your dharma (right livelihood) and bring peace and healing to the planet in a way that is aligned with your sacred design.

What are the prerequisites for a candidate for this training (i.e educational, religious, gender, etc.)?

There are no training prerequisites.

How is one selected as a candidate for this training?

Each application is carefully and personally reviewed by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D. Due to the spiritual nature and intensity of this program, most applicants feel deeply called in some way to take this training. Ideal candidates will posses some level of spiritual devotion, an ability to succeed academically, and an eagerness to learn and be immersed in the Essene lifestyle—regardless of their spiritual background.

How are candidates who petition for ordination selected (or not selected) for acceptance into the priesthood?

This is determined by Rabbi Cousens once the reading and workshop requirements are met. Students may be asked to wait or be given personal development tasks prior to ordination.

What are the vows one must take in order to be ordained as a Priest/Priestess?

To uphold the Sevenfold Peace, the Six Foundations (see application), devotion to a 90% live food, 100% vegan organic lifestyle. Priests and Priestesses are also required to attend monthly Alive with Gabriel conference calls. If students are in Patagonia, they are asked to attend and uphold Shabbat and Havdalah while they are here.

Once an ordination certificate is earned, how often (if necessary) would one need to keep ordination certificate current?

Every year a letter is sent to the Priests and Priestesses asking them to share how they are upholding the six foundations and sevenfold peace. If you do not uphold these standards, you will be asked to step down from the priesthood. You are also required to attend two gatherings each year at the Tree of Life in Patagonia, AZ. These gatherings include the Annual International Modern Essene Gathering and a day-long Priesthood Gathering (held the day prior to the Modern Essene Gathering). If you do not attend these gatherings on a yearly basis you may be asked to step down from the priesthood.

If ordained under your priesthood can one legally marry couples under state and/or federal laws?

Most likely, but it is always encouraged to double check with your state rules and regulations. You can proceed to meet those rules with this ordination.

Does the Modern Essene lifestyle conflict with other religious practices?

The Modern Essene Lifestyle is that of a culture, not a religion. This lifestyle is meant to enhance one’s own relationship with the Divine no matter what religious practice you may have.