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On-Campus Experience

The Tree of Life was founded by Gabriel Cousens, MD. MD(H) to support and inspire holistic lifestyle through education and experience. The center’s spiritual guidance, lifestyle education, and medical programs are complemented with panoramic mountain views and 100% organic, live-food that have drawn guests from over 100 countries since 1995.

An Immersion In Holistic Living

There is much to experience during your stay at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. In fact, your time here is a complete immersion into holistic living. The abundance of classes and activities, along with the staffs knowledge and dedication to their areas of expertise, allow for much to be learned and taken with you once you leave.

Daily yoga and qi gong classes will enhance and expand the consciousness of the body-mind complex, filling it with increased life force energy or prana.

Group meditation aides in silencing the mind and offer a time for spiritual inquiry.

Raw food prep and sprouting classes assist in learning holistic lifestyle practices in a real and applicable way.

Every staff member of the Tree of Life is dedicated to a lifestyle empowering full-bodied awakening not only for themselves, but for the guests, and the world too. They will assist and support you during your time at the Tree of Life and leave an impression that will stay with you after you have gone.

What Do Our Students Say?

My body feels clean and renewed. My mind clearer. My emotions refined. The vitality and clarity of my spiritual direction is fouind and restored.


It felt great to do something so wonderful for my mind, body, and soul.

Jeanie D.

A totally wonderful transformative experience

Joe M.

Definitely a life changing event and worth it. I’ve learned so much.

Lydia J.

The Highest Quality Food On Earth

100% organic (no exceptions!) vegan, live, highly-mineralized, low-glycemic gourmet cuisine prepared with love.

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is home to The Tree of Life Café, a 100% organic (ethically guaranteed, with no exceptions), plant-source-only cafe that serves our delicious and divine raw, live and vegan gourmet creations, all prepared consciously with love.

The Tree of Life Café serves inspirational and transformational buffet style meals of gourmet, 100% organic, vegan-vegetarian, kosher, live-food, seasonal cuisine, inspired by all the flavors of the globe. The food the cafe is low-glycemic and of course, delicious!

Enjoy our vibrant cuisine indoors or outdoors, with expansive pristine views of the sacred high desert and Red Mountain. As a registered student of Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness, all of your meals are included in your stay.

The Tree of Life gardens and sprout house operate year-round, providing fresh vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts, and more for the Cafe. Often this local vibrant food is harvested and eaten on the very same day. This results in a high nutritional potency that is extremely unique for an immersion learning experience.

Deep, Authentic, Liberation-Focused Spirituality

The heart of the Tree of Life Experience is about is connecting to your Sacred Self, nurturing sacred relationships with others, and creating a sacred planet by learning to live in harmony the ecology and the Divine.

The holistic lifestyle that you are immersed in at the Tree of Life, including meditation, yoga, chanting, live-food, and more, are all foundational practices that allow you to become a superconductor for the Divine. While you cannot “technique” your way to God you can do your part to live a holy life so that you are able to receive God’s Grace.

The enlightenment spiritual philosophy practiced at the Tree of Life is best summarized by Dr. Cousens’ core teachings: The Six Foundations and the Seven-Fold Peace. These contain the most common and essential elements of the great spiritual paths across traditions.

The Tree of Life is entirely non-denominational and we welcome people from all different spiritual backgrounds and walks of life. In this context, we weave teachings from many spiritual paths, including traditions from Essene-Kabbalistic Judaism, Yogic, Taoism, and Native American. Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D. is an initiated lineage holder in three different traditions, including the rabbinical lineage of the Baal Shem Tov, the yogic lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, and as a Lakota Clan Leader in the Native American tradition. Dr. Cousens has a unique ability to honor all traditions by acknowledging the gift that each tradition has to give. In this way, the focus is not on the differences that separate the traditions; it’s on the essence of truth that rests at the core of all.

“Yoga is the stilling of the vrittis of the mind.” When we eat a sattvic, live-food, plant-based diet, we are eating a diet that best calms the activity of the mind so that we can rise above mental activity. So for these simple reasons this is the diet that best supports the unfolding of the kundalini. It is the diet that best clears and purifies the nadis and the koshas through which the kundalini energy moves. It is the diet that best quiets the mind and the one that best supports the unfolding of the kundalini so that we become a superconductor of the Divine. It helps to reveal the doorway of the light body so we may walk through and go to the ultimate point of yoga, which is to merge with God and thus be liberated from our misconception that we are the “I-am-ness” separate from God. It is no accident that the ancient rishis ate this type of diet.” – Gabriel Cousens, MD

Sunset Meditation at the Tree of Life

Shaktipat Meditation

If it is a spiritual renewal that you are after, the Tree of Life has much to offer. A visit to the Tree of Life is an opportunity to receive spiritual advice, guidance, and insight from a liberated teacher, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens M.D. Group meditations, satsangs, and spiritual ceremonies at sunset form the central hub of our community life here. Attending a satsang (spiritual Q&A) gives one the opportunity to ask whatever spiritual questions one may have. Go to a Friday evening Shabbat and receive Shaktipat, the direct transmission of Divine Grace, from Rabbi Cousens. If you are interested in a total lifestyle that supports your spiritual growth, then you will find all the support tools that provide a foundation for a spiritually fulfilled life on all levels.

Connect to Nature

Set in the high desert mountains of Patagonia, Arizona, the Tree of Life rests at a 4,000 foot elevation and offers 360 degree views of the beautiful mountainous scenery. It is easy to find spiritual connectedness through time with nature at the Tree of Life, and there are several hiking trails to explore around the area.

Set off on foot from our Cafe and head towards “Red Mountain”, or get to know the Mesa Trail that runs through the Tree of Life property. Enjoy a sunrise and/or a sunset from the Mesa and allow the beauty of nature to inspire your soul. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can rent or borrow a bicycle and head for the bird sanctuary or over to the Arizona Trail, each just a mile from the Tree of Life property. Whatever level of experience you desire from nature, the desert mountains of Arizona are sure to inspire a deeper connection with yourself.