The Tree of Life Foundation and Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness is pleased to offer our Café Apprenticeship Program! In order to meet the needs of our apprentices, we have designed a 4-month apprenticeship program. Immerse yourself in the Tree of Life’s Culture of Life and Liberation for 4 months, and emerge with the practical skills you’ll need to chef at the finest vegan, live-food establishments. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, our immersion program will empower you with the mastery of our delicious live-food entrees, cogent command of Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, and a thorough education in both the theory and practice of Dr. Cousens’ moderate low-glycemic, live-food, vegan, high-powered, anti-diabetogenic, and enduring, radiant health cuisine and lifestyle. Total tuition cost is $8,599. Modest housing is provided in our dormitory, adjacent to our sustainable, veganic production garden. We offer the most holistic and spiritual training program in the world.

Raw Food Entree - Tree of Life

Apprenticeship Description:

The Tree of Life Foundation has a 4-month Cafe Apprentice Program, so that those who are interested in living a more conscious lifestyle can become a part of the emerging Culture of Life and Liberation that is emerging around the planet. More than ever, the world needs the knowledge of what the raw food diet can do for both the individual and the planet. Upon completion of the program each apprentice will be a fully certified Live-Food Chef through the Tree of Life Foundation and can share with others around the world. Our graduated chefs have received the highest ratings and evaluations and are regarded as possessing the most all-around holistic and practical background for working as a chef in any live-food restaurant or a private chef.

Tree of Life Cafe Apprentice

There’s no better way to learn about raw vegan food preparation and a spiritual lifestyle than to experience it in depth and hands on as part of the Tree of Life community.  Here at the Tree of Life we have been using raw foods as a practical lifestyle choice for decades, transforming the bodies, minds, and spirits of many in a truly healing environment.

The foundation of the cuisine taught at the Tree of Life is creating food that supports spiritual evolution on both the personal and community level. It is a primary aspect of Dr. Cousens’ holistic veganism and spiritual life for aiding one’s shift into joyfully embracing the Culture of Life and Liberation.

Our consciousness is both the cause and the result of what we eat. As such, we are ever mindful of where our consciousness is and the quality of the environment where we are preparing food. This understanding is the foundation for conscious food preparation.

Cafe Apprenticeship

For the inclusive price of $8,599, as an apprentice, you will receive instruction in a uniquely healing, moderately low-glycemic approach to raw foods. Dr. Cousens has developed this approach throughout his career guiding patients through their healing, spiritual development and with the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Most importantly, this approach includes a holistic, vegan, live-food cuisine that supports durable, radiant health. It has been scientifically demonstrated to be the optimal diet not only for preventing and treating diabetes, but also for maintaining long-term optimal health. It is the live-food diet of the future!

Through his personal study and by working with patients over the years, Dr. Cousens has come to conclude that a moderate low-glycemic, raw vegan diet offers the optimal way for individuals to bring themselves fully back into balance from any disorder, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. This Tree of Life apprenticeship program will provide the opportunity for tutelage under Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD, Dip. Ayurveda, Dip. American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and his expert team of Café chefs, the experience of a 100% raw vegan diet, and for 4 months, the support and companionship of a loving spiritual community.

You will be working under and mentored by the Tree of Life Café chefs. You will be helping to create three meals a day, seven days a week in the Café, serving approximately 30-50 people daily.  During this time you will have the opportunity to master our entrée preparations.

Why the Tree of Life Apprenticeship Program?

We offer a unique 4-month complete immersion program in a supportive and nurturing environment. On completion, you will be empowered to become a chef in a restaurant or simply to add these skills and life experience to your teaching background and personal and family life.

At the Tree of Life we practice sustainable, organic and veganic farming.  The Café serves our numerous guests, hailing from over 120 countries around the world, the most nutritious greens, sprouts, and gourmet dishes, grown and prepared by our gardeners and chefs with love, care, and creativity.

Spiritual Community Life

Sunset Meditation with Rabbi Gabriel Cousens MD, MD(H)

The Tree of Life is first and foremost a spiritual community with a focus on enlightenment.  We practice the Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace as taught by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.  You may introduce yourself to these teachings by reading Spiritual Nutrition and Creating Peace by Being Peace. Tree of Life community members are asked to continually embody the Culture of Life and to share it with the world by being a living example of what it means to live as a full human being on the planet.  You will be gently introduced into healing of the self and of the world. In Hebrew this is called tikkun ha’nefesh and tikkun ha’olam respectively.  Our service in the world is a crucial part of our spiritual path.

Tree of Life Cafe

Group meditations, satsangs, and spiritual ceremonies at sunset form the central hub of our community life here. Attendance at these evening programs is required for apprentices to provide the holistic context for Tree of Life work and community life. Failure to attend evening programs regularly will result in expulsion from the program.

Food is secondary to the spiritual emphasis here at the Tree of Life.  We emphasize this only to make the point that if your interest in the Tree of Life is limited only to “raw food”, you might not feel fully resonate with the training.  If you are interested in a total lifestyle that supports your spiritual growth, then you will find all the support tools that provide a foundation for a spiritually fulfilled life on all levels.  These include live-food nutrition, mind-body movement classes, endless opportunities for selfless service, a spiritual community of like-minded people, meditation, authentic Native American Inipi (sweat lodge), beautiful natural surroundings, clean air, and the teachings and grace of a liberated being in Rabbi Gabriel Cousens.

That said, we do expect all community members to adhere to a 100% vegan diet consisting of at least 80% live food during their time with us, as well as a drug and alcohol free policy (except for ceremonial wine).  Adhering to such a diet contributes positively to the energetic resonance of the community.  It ensures that we are collectively walking our talk and living in integrity.  Failure to uphold these dharmic conditions will result in possible dismissal from the program.


Community life offers many benefits.  Apprentices receive all organic, raw, vegan meals at the Tree of Life Cafe free of charge.  This is some of the healthiest, most delicious food on the planet.  Every meal is guaranteed 100% organic, vegan, live, and prepared with love in accordance with the principles outlined in Spiritual Nutrition, Conscious Eating, Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, and There Is a Cure for Diabetes. You also have access to unlimited wheatgrass juice from our sprout-house (aside from our Spiritual Fasting Programs each year where wheatgrass is reserved for our fasting guests), as well as free access to our chlorine-free hot tubs, chlorine-free swimming pool, far-infrared sauna, sun decks, labyrinth, and spacious grounds.  All apprentices have free access to mind-body movement classes, as well as the evening spiritual programs and inipis (space allowing) when available.

Additionally, apprentices receive a 10% discount in the Culture of Life Shop and Dr. Cousens’ Natural Pharmacy, where you may purchase a variety of superfoods, natural supplements and healing and tonic herbs to support wellbeing and Peace with the Body.

Housing is provided in our dormitory, adjacent to our sustainable, veganic production garden and the Unity Room.  You’ll need to bring your own bedding and toiletries.  The dorms feature shared rooms with bunk-style bedding.  Three bathrooms and showers are available for 24-hour use.  A washer and dryer are provided for your convenience.  The communal area has a refrigerator, sinks and counter space.

All apprentices are expected to contribute to the cleaning and upkeep of the dormitories. Weekly chores are designated to each apprentice on a rotating basis. Chores are expected to be completed regularly and thoroughly.

What Topics Will Be Covered During the Program

Tree of Life Cafe Table

A wide variety of teaching exposure will be offered to participants, such as:

  • Intro to raw foods, basic principles, and equipment
  • Flavor balancing, using herbs and spices in sauces, salad dressing, soups, pates
  • Dehydration: crackers, breads, chips
  • Desserts: cakes, pies, cookies, pastries
  • Breakfast dishes: nut mylks, granola, porridge
  • Theoretical and practical application of Dr. Cousens’ approach to moderate low-glycemic dietary principals
  • Operating a sprout house
  • Mastery of Live food entrees
  • Experience teaching guests food preparation techniques during weekly food prep classes
  • Final project: an opportunity for each student to design a menu and prepare a special meal for our guests
  • Lectures included in the Tree of Life Conscious Eating course

Raw Pecan Pie - Tree of Life Cafe

Inspired and Empowered

The Tree of Life Apprenticeship program empowers people by helping them to bring about change in their own lives and in the lives of others, be it family, friends, or the world at large.  By making the choice to take part in the apprenticeship program, you will become empowered to shape the world into a more positive, uplifted place, where life in all forms is respected and can live in peaceful harmony.

Thank you for taking time to look into our program.  The inclusive price of the Cafe Apprenticeship Program is $8,599.  If you have further questions, email or call us at (520) 604-1153 and we will provide you with any information you may need.

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Program Details

Tuition and Fees


  • includes $50 application fee
  • includes dormitory room and board for duration of apprenticeship
  • includes lectures during Conscious Eating I Workshop
  • includes morning and evening meditations and programs

Additional Fees:

  • Personal living expenses (toiletries, snacks, etc)
  • Travel expenses to and from the Tree of Life

Program Dates

This program begins:

April 27
May 27
June 22
July 20
August 24
September 21
October 19
November 16
December 14