Spiritual Nutrition Counselor

The two year Spiritual Nutrition Counselor program is our most comprehensive training program for spiritual transformation. Our unique science-based academic curriculum supports a strong emphasis in spiritual and nutritional exploration and development. It is at once challenging, inspiring, and enriching.

With a combination of on-site and distance learning, this program provides a superior foundation in Spiritual Nutrition through integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of health.

Upon completion of the Spiritual Nutrition Counselor program, our graduates are certified as a Spiritual Nutritional Counselor and Modern Essene Minister.

Become a Spiritual Nutrition Counselor

  • Offer spiritual and nutritional guidance
  • Host classes, retreats, lectures and one-on-one consultations
  • Individualize oneʼs diet and personalize food preparation
  • Lead life-cycle events, ceremonies and celebrations (per city/state laws/requirements)
  • Teach and provide feedback for current students.
  • With attendance of three Spiritual Juice Fasts (SJF) with Dr. Cousens, students are able to supervise green juice fasts. (Students attend one Spiritual Juice Fast during the month long Intensive.)

The Overview

The two year Spiritual Nutrition Counselor program is divided into the following four elements which make up the distance learning and on-campus training.

  1. Plant-Source Only and Live Food Nutrition
  2. Education Spiritual Studies and Modern Essene Ministry
  3. On-Campus Educational Workshops (Residency)

Online Distance Study Course work

Through our online education platform, students will experience the ease of communication with other CSHW students and teachers. For each topic, students will have conference calls, group forums and a critical thinking essay submission.

Course Topics

  • Module 1: The Modern Essene Way
  • Module 2: Food: Effects on Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Module 3: Anatomy and Physiology (Physical and Esoteric)
  • Module 4: Holistic Veganism
  • Module 5: How to Succeed on a Plant-Source Only Cuisine
  • Module 6: Principles of Individualizing Oneʼs Diet
  • Module 7: Spiritual and Health Benefits of Fasting
  • Module 8: Food Growth and Preparation
  • Module 9: Modernity:  Preventable Illness, Specific Issues, Death
  • Module 10: Mental Wellness
  • Module 11: Spiritual Counseling
  • Module 12: Conscious Business
  • Module 13: Torah: A Guide to Enlightenment

Nutrition Studies

Eating a diet rich in plant-source only and living foods can improve health, slow aging, improve mental clarity, and strengthen overall immune function. Understanding the natural functions of the body and by integrating all components of nutrition, students will learn how to achieve and teach optimum health.

Spiritual Studies

“The Essene consciousness is that of the Awakened Ones. They are the ones who live in the Eternal Presence beyond the confines of the identification with the mind and body.”
– Excerpted from Creating Peace by Being Peace by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

The Essene portion of study is woven throughout the nutritional education. This balance of awareness on how to connect the body, mind and spirit is taught through living the Modern Essene Way, guided by the Six Foundation and Sevenfold Peace.

On-Campus Residency Training

To be a great teacher, one must be able to speak from experience.

All on-campus residency trainings give students the unique opportunity to experience first hand the benefits of cleansing, healing, and building the body through embracing a 100% plant-source only and live food spiritual lifestyle. The residency training completes this well-rounded educational experience.

Residency Programs

On Campus Workshops: Students have the opportunity to experience hands-on education with Dr. Cousens and other CSHW guest speakers in the following required on-site educational workshops.

21-day Transformation

This workshop includes:
7-Day Spiritual Juice Fast
Zero Point. Learn techniques that identify and release inhibiting mental, emotional
and behavioral problems.
Conscious Eating I. Learn about the benefits of a live, plant-based lifestyle and
receive training in meal preparation.
Diabetic training with Dr. Cousens.

Offered 4 times per year
July 15 – August 5, 2017
October 14 – November 4, 2017

Conscious Eating II

The art of live-food preparation is fine tuned and the basics of rainbow green live food cuisine preparation are expanded upon.

Offered 4 times per year
August 6 – August 11, 2017
November 5 – November 10, 2017

Holistic Wellness Lecture Series

This intensive lecture series addresses physical and mental health issues in the context of the Culture of Death that has resulted in a plague of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, ADHD and depression. Drawing from Dr. Cousens 40+ years of experience as a holistic physician, family therapist and psychiatrist the causes such as diet, chemical imbalances, vaccinations, toxicity, radiation and electromagnetic pollution are explored. Workable solutions to restore health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level are addressed using a culture of life approach.
2017: August 11 – August 18

Modern Essene Gathering

Students will partake in our 4-night Modern Essene Gathering and Modern Essene advanced workshop led by Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.(H), Priestess Shanti GoldsCousens, MA, and Kevin Ryerson. During the gathering there will be discussions about the Modern Essenes in relationship to the energies of individual and planetary evolution today. The focus is not about healthy survival for self alone, but taking the planet to its next evolutionary state through going deeper into alignment.

Offered annually
2017: August 18 – August 22

All lodging and meals for these on-campus workshops are included in your tuition. Come and enjoy this type of hands on support, providing you with the experience of the lifestyle that is being taught. You will leave feeling like a new person!

Also included in the residency:

  • Daily meditation and satsang during each evening program
  • Shaktipat Initiation
  • Daily Yoga
  • Delicious 100% organic, live-food plant-source only cuisine
  • Lodging
  • Full access to the Tree of Life (including hiking trails, hot tubs, chlorine free swimming pool, sun decks, infrared saunas, and Chartres labyrinth)


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Program Details

Tuition and Fees


  • includes $50 application fee
  • includes online access and distance learning
  • includes room and board for on-site residency training
  • includes personal counselor support first two years in program
  • includes graduation night room and board (one night stay at Tree Of Life)

Additional Fees:

  • Books (estimated $500)
  • Optional Diploma and Transcripts ($800 payable to UISCA)
  • Travel expenses to and from on-site residency training
  • Thesis Project Fund

Program Dates

You can begin this two-year program at any time. On-campus dates are included in the course description on this page.