Student Experience

CSHW students are embarking on an education that is unique and uplifting both spiritually and physically.   The programs we offer require the students’ active participation enhancing both spiritual and personal discipline   CSHW provides an academic calendar to help guide the process of completion.   It is important that the students stay connected to the school body, attend the conference calls and organize their time for completing the assignments.

On Campus

The on-campus workshops are the core of any of the programs offered through CSHW.  It is during this time that the students experience the essence of the teachings and have the opportunity to integrate them into their personal lives.

See the Tree of Life Experience page for more information.

Distance Learning:

The distance learning part of the program is enriched through module topics.  Each topic requires a reading list and written assignment.  Monthly live conference calls with CSHW teachers are provided for the student to enhance their current module experience.     Dr. Cousens also provides monthly Q&A calls for discussion on both spiritual and nutritional concerns.  All students are required to attend these calls.  Failure to do so can result in suspension from the school.  If a student cannot attend the call, a personal request of absence must be submitted to the CSHW administrator.  The student will be required to listen to the recording and submit a brief summary of the call.


A graduation ceremony is offered for each of the programs once per year.   Attendance to this ceremony is optional.


Students enrolled in the Modern Essene Priesthood Program are required to attend the private ordination.