Paul S Mamakos:

Cafe Apprenticeship

Paul MPaul S Mamakos completed our 6 month Tree Of Life Chef Apprenticeship Program in September of 2013. During the course he learned to prepare a wide variety of raw vegan foods including 28 entrees, pates, salads, desserts, teas, juices, nut butters, garnishes and more.

Paul’s main focus in life is the growth of personal and global awareness, happiness, and dynamic peace. He believes the energy of living foods in addition to source energy through dry fasting can improve how we feel; and he actively shares such opportunities with others.

During his stay at the Tree Of Life he enjoyed learning from the many chefs, attending Shabbat, doing yoga and participating in the community events which are a weekly experience at the Tree. He has also signed up for the Essene Priesthood distance learning program to continue his studies.

Beginning in 1996, Paul was formally trained in meditation at the Monroe Institute where he became a Gateway Outreach Trainer, and in 1998 at Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville where he lived and studied in the presence of Sri Swami Satchidananda for 4 years; and became a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.

His past business ventures include: a raw chocolate company he started in 2007 called Everything Raw, which went on to create the award winning Yoga Bar, a raw white chocolate delight. In 2009 he merged Everything Raw with Essential Living Foods in order to pursue a more meditative life in alignment with more core values.

In 2009, he created the Raw Games, in order to merge the world of raw food with sports. The first event took place in November of 2008, after nine months of preparation with a core staff.

Today, health, wealth, spirituality, living naturally, service, goodness, passion and love in all ways inspire Paul. In addition, he is supported by the knowledge that we are all one being interacting with itself and that we each have gifts to share in this co-creation that we call life.

Paul is available for chef opportunities and spiritual adventures.

You can contact Paul at his email: and also by calling the Tree Of Life to pass along your message.