Shalvah Z.

The Modern Essene Priesthood Program not only changed my life, it changed the entire expression of my soul. It changed how I am in the world. Anyone can read a few books and attend a few workshops, which is what most courses and training programs offer. This program is different. It’s not a 2-year training course in which you’re ordained upon completion and you simply move on with your life. Not even close. This is a life-long spiritual journey of enriching self-discovery and vibrant awakening. Ordination is the starting point, not the finish line.

This entire process activates a part of your soul that deep down has been yearning to express for a long time, but somehow has remained hidden until now. Becoming a Modern Essene Priest or Priestess is a life-long commitment to yourself to actively bring light into the lives of others while continuing to expand your own light body.

Most importantly, this process has helped me develop a personal relationship and deep connection with the Divine in a way that feels real to me. Everyone has a unique path to God and this program has a soft and gentle way of helping each student explore what that path looks like for them. It takes them beyond dogma and into the direct experience of oneness.

This program is not for everyone, and if it’s for you …you’ll know it.

Shalvah Z.Modern Essene Priesthood Program
Cyndi D.

I completed the Masters Intensive in 2007. I remember being extremely nervous prior to packing up and getting on that plane, I had never been away from my children for that long and I just wasn’t sure I could do it. Looking back, I think I knew nothing in my life would ever be the same after a month at the Tree. And it wasn’t. My Masters intensive month changed my life forever on every level. My consciousness shifted and I felt a deeper connection to life, to myself and to others. I got clearer with where I wanted my life to go. Clearer with my purpose. I felt stronger in mind body and spirit. I felt an energy that I sustained and when I came home, those around me were amazed and commented about how I looked ten years younger! Since then, I have returned to the Tree many times, never again with trepidation, only anticipation for the joy and growth and connection each visit brings. The Tree is my second home, the Masters School gave me my direction in life.

Cyndi D.Spiritual Nutrition Mastery Program GraduateQuantum Health Connection
Suzy E.

In 1996, after being trained in Reiki, an energy-healing modality, typically performed by “laying on of hands,” I prayed asking what to eat to optimize the flow of healing energy coming through me to better assist my clients.  Dr. Cousens’ book, Spiritual Nutrition, came my way, as well as additional resources regarding live food nutrition.  I acknowledged the answer to the prayer, and was thankful, but I did not really follow the recommendations.  I became ill about 3 years later with autoimmune arthritis, and I knew that live food nutrition would be key to my recovery. I made steps in that direction, and I began to recover, with significant reductions in pain, inflammation, and fatigue, and substantial improvement in my functional ability. Working as an occupational therapist, I have witnessed much suffering, and my own recovery prompted me to want to teach this lifestyle.  When I learned of Dr. Cousens’ Spiritual Nutrition Mastery program, I recognized it as the path I sought, and enrolled.  During the 30-day intensive at the Tree of Life, my recovery intensified, and, employing a Phase I diet, learned during the intensive, I recovered further.  Within a year, I was off all medication (including Prednisone), my lab values were normal, and my functional ability was good.  I continue  to follow the lifestyle, now on a Phase 1.5 diet, and I am doing very well.  My energy level now allows me to teach it to others, offering 1 and 2-day programs, as well as a 3-Week Challenge at the Kotsanis Institute, in Grapevine, TX.

Suzy E.Spiritual Nutrition Mastery Program Graduate
M. Price

The Essene Program breaks the notion that women are inherently ‘bad’ as I had been brought up with in ‘church’.  How refreshing to learn about a group where women and men were equals, education was available to all, and peace & health was a priority. Who wouldn’t want to learn more and how to create a modern day version?

I have said it many times. You get out – what you put into things. What do you want out of life? What do you want to become? A carbon copy? A vague general idea? I say, No thanks, I want to make the most out of everything. Life is a roller-coaster. I want it Raw, Demanding and Transformative. Welcome to the Master’s Intensive.

The Spiritual Nutrition Master’s Program at Cousens’  School Of Holistic Wellness is a lighthouse shining brightly through the fog of health misinformation out there. Enjoy fascinating speakers, content, hands on experiences, all led by a truly revolutionary MD in a comprehensive 2 year program. There is nothing like this anywhere in the world. Graduates would be top pick as new hires in my company any day.

M. PriceModern Essene Priesthood Program GraduateUpaya Naturals
Yehoshua S.

The Modern Essene Priesthood Program curriculum revolutionized my understanding of Christianity and provided me with a profound feeling for the lineage that supports the Modern Essene Way. Those that are called to the Modern Essene Priesthood are truly priests after the Order of Melchizedek. The MEPP prepares aspirants to carry this legacy of light into the world.

Yehoshua S.Modern Essene Priesthood Program Graduate